I wear the cheese, the cheese does not wear me 0.o
Free second season!

Just watched first episode of FREE! and just loved it xD 
I really like Rin’s sister Gou and how she just loves muscles but then it reminds me of Yowamushi Pedal anime Izumida and how he always says ‘Abs!’ Andy and Frank. 


Screencaps are too easy for me. Let’s REDRAW IT ARGHHHH!
I wonder if my health let me do it as my new challenge, haha! I hope no one will read my dumb quotes there, I am not aware what was I writing there, seriously.

Anyway, part 1 of my first sketches directly from 1 episode of Eternal Summer :’D Can’t wait to draw the ending, ahahaha! Maybe thanks to that my skills will be better, it would be great.

Please, forgive me, people, I am so high, they all are so awesome :’) Gonna draw more, hehe!


Black haired characters that love their sports. 
So I though it would be nice seeing them together hahaha

Yowamushi Pedal X Free! X Haikyuu!!



This is the most accurate picture I’ve ever seen.

my fucking life

When people do adorable sneezes <3 

Free iwatobi swim club! 

This is so cute <3 plus love this song (: 


Japanese graphic designer and architect Yusuke Oono devised a beautiful way to illustrate scenes from stories in three dimensions. These awesome 40-panel laser cut paper books tell stories both by turning one page at a time and as a whole when viewed in the round as beautiful dioramas.

Click here to view additional details from each book.

[via Colossal]

I was watching the carrie diaries and OMG on the third episode theres a ninja called “Paul CUNNINGHAM!” I was LIKE OMG its Randys brother or cousin or something! I thought it would be funny…. lol 

best friends ( just keep swimming, just keep swimming!) 
and then start talking to whales haha